A legend in its own right


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  1. Posted by hjrat21, — Reply

    It was a woman who's baby would only quiet down with the movie

  2. Posted by zer0_p0sitivity52233, — Reply

    And there are only 365 days a year(or 366 on leap year) so that would mean watching the same movie in the same day

  3. Posted by ellasmithton, — Reply

    In this world, you either love the bee movie, hate the bee movie, or you're blissfully unaware of the entire situation

  4. Posted by abbeyydohertyy, — Reply

    I literally watched it every night for a year ( Plus sometimes during the day )

  5. Posted by josueguedes62, — Reply

    That equals to 15 days and 19 hours and 12 minutes watching Bee movie wow

  6. Posted by FerretGirlIsACreb, — Reply

    If you’re a parent and your kids favorite movie is the bee movie you’ll watch it 357 times

  7. Posted by ben10tobe, — Reply

    holy shit my friend wasn’t lying about watching

  8. Posted by abbeyydohertyy, — Reply

    Basic Bean Haha, seems like most people know how to watch a movie 😂

  9. Posted by ducky5566, — Reply

    You like jazz?times 357

  10. Posted by pinhead_larray, — Reply

    I put the office on in the background because I've seen it like 10 times

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