Buttercream Sunflower Painted Cake | Baking Butterly Love


If you’re look for a simple, easy flower to paint on your cake, sunflowers are the way to go! Watch the video below to see how to paint buttercream sunflowers with a palette knife. Tips for Painting Buttercream with a Palette Knife: -Paint on a cake that has already been frosted and chilled.  This allows you to paint without disturbing the base layer of frosting. -Use a contrasting color as a background on your cake to make your flowers really pop. I used blue frosting to make my yellow flowers stand out -A large, flat surface like the back of a sheet tray works well for mixing your colors. -Keep a paper towel handy to clean your palette knife when switching colors. -Using a gradient of colors will give your flowers more dimension. -You can always go back and add more buttercream or fix things that didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted!


  1. Posted by deborahbeattie7, — Reply

    Very pretty techniques and I really appreciate the detailed how to videos.😍

  2. Posted by winterens, — Reply

    Does anyone know how to get the blue to look like that on top of white? Thanks

  3. Posted by QueenApples948, — Reply

    Can anyone tell me the room she is using to make the flowers and leaves

  4. Posted by itsqu1nn, — Reply

    why do i luv that music so much

  5. Posted by kqtelyn07, — Reply

    thought this was a lamp at first smh

  6. Posted by jessicadiana0456, — Reply

    Sunflower is so preety

  7. Posted by mahaabdurazzaq, — Reply

    Amazing 🤩♥️

  8. Posted by floresmezaalexa, — Reply

    Ordenó uno

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    I had to stop making dessert I finish them way too fast🤣😂😆

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