Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Lip Injections


Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain, has gotten fairly extensive plastic surgery. It's believed that she got lip injections, a nose job and a possible chin implant.


  1. Posted by eyeheartw, — Reply

    She gave herself an upgrade that, at least, LOOKS to have been well worth it. More power to her! She looks great!!

  2. Posted by pam7arndt, — Reply

    She looks like Jay Lenos' daughter in the first pic...

  3. Posted by whotookmyburger, — Reply

    I wouldn't want to look like my pill-head mother either

  4. Posted by isabellemwhite, — Reply

    Lol she went from looking like Courtney to Kurt.

  5. Posted by hotnana2119, — Reply

    I understand this one.

  6. Posted by mrsbillfreeman, — Reply

    problem is, what her children will look like is a complete mystery

  7. Posted by grootelaar, — Reply

    Good work and she is great now!!

  8. Posted by oliviaelan, — Reply

    There’s also this thing called puberty πŸ˜‚

  9. Posted by bbelle06, — Reply

    sHes an icon

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