Everything you ever wanted to know about Gallery Walls (and prob even some things you didn’t!)


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    An easy method to create a gallery wall art display (without Swiss cheesing your wall!) #gallerywall #gallerywalldiy #gallerywalltutorial

  2. Posted by lesleybradbury2, — Reply

    Take no notice of the downers it dosnt matter about the video we all saw what u were showing us and is a good idea for some, not all !!!

  3. Posted by AyuliethOrtiz, — Reply

    There was literally no point in the tape

  4. Posted by goldentreasuresoultions, — Reply

    nice job! I like the outline box idea!

  5. Posted by masonhidari, — Reply

    cool way to do the wall stuff, but the video editing could use some work

  6. Posted by punkchx2000, — Reply

    Great idea 💡!

  7. Posted by nicholasalerno, — Reply

    Where is this ottoman from? Love it.

  8. Posted by MsAarhus, — Reply

    Fantastic job

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    I thought it said Galaxy wall 😅😂

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