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  1. Posted by rl204414, — Reply

    Can I just point out she has 124 messages I bet she already has 7 identical twins numbers 😂 or she is just getting reminds about her classes or something

  2. Posted by Nona_Bisness, — Reply

    If homosexuality is genetic and not a choice it would be completely impossible for identical twins to be different sexualities. So either 1 shes made this whole thing up for internet points (the most likely scenario) Or 2 one of the brothers is lying about their sexualities

  3. Posted by jellybean3144, — Reply

    He's awesome! I'd be friends with him for life, even if things didn't work out with his brother!

  4. Posted by joshphillips727, — Reply

    And they lived happily ever after, moral of the story is, be more confident and you’ll find a gay twin

  5. Posted by kyliefortmacon, — Reply

    That was so sweet tho🥺😄❤️

  6. Posted by dexxmoss, — Reply

    She better get a charger bc she on 5%

  7. Posted by meghollop26, — Reply

    That was actually rly sweet aww

  8. Posted by irissfc, — Reply

    I can't get 5 people to text me and she has 124 unread messages, great.

  9. Posted by alloegator0206, — Reply


  10. Posted by chlohart9, — Reply

    Is no one going to notice that she sent this at 1:40 AM?

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